Thursday, May 8, 2014

Temple Festival

 Every temple in Bali has a regularly scheduled festival, an Odalan, that celebrates the anniversary of the date of its dedication.The size and elaborateness of the ceremonies range from simple little family affairs to enormous celebration. The Balinese use three different calender system, one is the standar Gregorian calender that used internationally but this is not the calender by which odalan are set. The odalan are set either by lunar calender of Caka or Pawukon calender. Some temples fix their odalan according to lunar calender, it occurs at either full moon or new moon, more likely full than new. The moon name will be the number of month in which the 12 lunar months are given sanskrit name from one to ten, with month 11 and 12 having slightly different terminology. Most temples fix their odalan by pawukon calender, it consists of 30 weeks, each of seven days length so this calender is just 210 days long. Most odalan lasts for three days although some go on for one week, odalan go on until very late at night or early morning hours. The women are carrying offerings on their heads. Some may be great towers of fruits, coloured rice cakes and meats skewered on to invisible central pillars of banana plants stem.Some people just bring simple offerings made of cut and woven coconut leaves shaped into the form of small square baskets and containing multi coloured flowers in a silver bowl or bamboo basket.

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